Civil Rights Radio Celebrates Special Show, Supper with the Foot Soldiers


From the Mountain 2 the Valley Civil Rights Radio will broadcast a special show and host “Supper With the Foot Soldiers” on this Sunday as the City of Birmingham prepares to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the momentous 1963 Birmingham Civil Rights Movement.

The Jan. 6 broadcast feature will air live 4 to 5 p.m. from Z’s Restaurant downtown to mark the first year anniversary of From the Mountain 2 the Valley Civil Rights Radio show. The show will salute all the leaders and children of the Movement — plus the historians, activists and interested citizens — who answered the clarion call issued to share the stories of the Movement, with power and purpose to inspire the next generation. Continue reading

August’s “Supper With The Foot Soldiers” Features Gadsden Freedom Fighters

Young protesters surrounded by white mob in Gadsden, AL, in 1963.

Civil Rights Radio’s July 30 broadcast featured civil rights activist Bobby Johnson and his daughter Taomi Ray, who shared little-known information about the civil rights movement in Gadsden that grew out of the 1963 Birmingham Campaign. Continue reading

Chef Zeke Once Again Serves the Foot Soldiers for “Supper”

“Chef Zeke” Ezekiel Hameen has been in the restaurant business since 1973, serving up food for the body and soul.

In the days when black-owned business flourished in the Fourth Avenue District, Hameen’s business became a staple and stopping point for area leaders, including the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Birmingham’s civil rights pioneer. Continue reading

First Foot Soldiers’ Retreat at Z’s Restaurant Monday May 7

Lady BJ announced on the radio show that the first Foot Soldier’s Retreat will be held in May, to coincide with the annual reunion of those young people who took part in the Movement, and to encourage today’s generation of civil rights leaders.

Join the Foot Soldiers, historians, and other participants in the Movement for dinner, discussions and decisions about the civil rights issues today, from education to social and environmental justice to economics and employment. Continue reading

Video from the February 12, 2012 Broadcast

Lady B.J. Love King and co-host Sephira Shuttlesworth were joined in the studio by Carolyn McKinstry, author of While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age during the Civil Rights Movement, and Scott Douglass of Greater Birmingham Ministries.

Civil Rights “Monday Night Mass Meeting” Updated to “The 4-1-1 Monday Night Meetings”


The Southern Cultural Development Group and
From the Mountain 2 the Valley
Civil Rights Radio Broadcast
(ON WJLD1400 AM &  EVERY SUNDAY 4:00 -5:00 PM  EST/ USA)


The Civil Rights “Monday Night Mass Meeting” Updated to
“The 4-1-1 Monday Night Meetings”

WHAT:  “From the Mountain to the Valley Civil Rights Radio Broadcast” will host its
First “The 4-1-1 Monday Night Meeting”

WHEN:   Monday, MARCH 5th, 2012  @  6:00 PM

WHERE:  Greater Saint John Missionary Baptist Church (one of the historic churches of the Civil Rights Movement), 2401 Carlos Avenue S.W., Birmingham, AL, 35211
John Henry Williams, Jr., D. Min, Senior Pastor

TOPIC: The Civil Rights Movement and the Importance of Voting Rights in 2012

“From the Mountain to the Valley Civil Rights Radio Broadcast” has made a clarion call for the children of the Civil Rights Movement to come forward and share the stories of their involvement in the activities of a mighty nation of people whose courageous stand against segregation and oppression helped change the course of human history in Birmingham, Alabama, America and indeed the world.

We know our world has changed dramatically since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Various groups and organizations have presented themselves like those courageous individuals in the 60s to speak to the issues and problems we face in today’s society.

This is why we are asking that the leaders and children of the Civil Rights Movement come forward to share some of the strategies and principles that they – as young leaders and youths more than 50 years ago – used to bring about the historic social, political and economic changes that we experience today.


For more information concerning The 4-1-1 Monday Night Meeting, please call:

MS. BJ LOVE KING, civil rights radio show host @  205-929-6636  OR
MRS. SEPHIRA SHUTTLESWORTH, civil rights radio show co-host @ 205-854-2600

Calling for “The Children Of The Civil Rights Movement”

From The Mountain To The Valley On The Civil Rights Radio Broadcast heard every Sunday evening on :  WJLD AM  1400 & Streaming Live @ from 4:00 pm  – 5:00 pm. Listen in as history speak from The Heartbeat Of The City over WJLD airwaves. Continue reading

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Lady B.J. Love King, Jailed as a Child in the Birmingham Movement, and Sephira Shuttlesworth, Activist Educator and Widow of the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, Team to Create Radio Show Dedicated to the American Civil Rights Legacy

(Birmingham, AL, December 30, 2011) —  “From the Mountain 2 The Valley Civil Rights Trail Radio Broadcast” – the only national call-in talk show devoted exclusively to the history of the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Alabama, and beyond – will hit the airwaves live on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012. The show airs Sundays from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on WJLD-AM Radio 1400 in Birmingham, the cradle of the modern Civil Rights Movement. Continue reading